Adding Some Good Karma into the World

Rainbow over the mountains of Utah where we currently find our home. We try to find treasure wherever we land.

People may wonder about the reasons my daughters and I have for starting this business. Many might leap to the conclusion that it is all about the money. Well, of course, it is a business so it is to some extent about the money.

My family has been through the ringer over the years trying to handle some pretty significant health issues for my husband and older daughter. Their tremendous health challenges then have spread to the rest of us in the form of stress and time spent on dealing with medical issues like health maintenance, doctors appointments, insurance issues, " lack of insurance" issues, picking up the slack for them and frequent ER and hospital visits.

We do it because they are loved and we are a family who is a working unit. They do what they can do and those things have tremendous value. But it is not easy for any one of us, the children included. They all have had to grow up fast, even as we try to give them their childhoods, as much as we can.

So we started a business to make some money to help ourselves get those things that we need, instead of relying on others to help us and to offer others a great product that we all believe in and have benefitted from.

However, those who know my husband and I best, know that nothing with us is "all about the money".

We are very much about helping people, trying to be a "bigger person", and putting some good karma into the world pool.

I always hoped that my children would learn from this example.

Throughout the years, I have researched and learned to find natural alternative ways to help my family retain as much health as possible. I was always mixing up some herbal concoction to supplement our medical care. When I found myself without access to affordable health care, those ways became very important to me personally.

With help of my daughters, we came up with a way to help live a better, more comfortable life with the lotion and salve the we developed and the other products that Amanda researched and curated on our website.

My oldest daughter who has lived a pretty tough life immediately wanted to find a way that we could get this product to other people, particularly those who she knew were struggling, like she had been for so many years.

This was the genesis of Feronia Botanicals.

So, we want you to know, that we will strive for this business to be a win-win proposition.

We want you to get a product that enhances the life you want to live.

We want to be able to fill in the gaps that having two very ill people cause in our finances.

We want to help ourselves through offering a fabulous product.

Finally, we want to help those who may also be finding it tough to afford the products we offer, through programs we want to implement with your help, in the future.

We hope that we can operate Feronia Botanicals in a kinder way and be the change we want to see in the world.

So, thank you all for the support you are offering us to achieve these goals. We very much appreciate your help and we are glad to see that you all are benefiting, as well.

Love to all,



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