Our Logo: A Creation Story

Once upon a time, at a magical place called a Renaissance Festival in the land of Arizona,

there was a little ArtistKid. This kid was a child of an artist. This artist made wondrous adornments for the body and raised her child surrounded by artists of all sorts.

The child loved science, playing the card game of Magic with my husband and others and, not surprisingly, loved drawing dragons.

This Little Artist also liked to follow around my eldest daughter who was older than the child.

In the second floor of my tiny booth made of stucco and wood, there was a room for kids to talk and play and, best of all, there were blank walls that called their siren call to the Little Artist Child. Soon a tiny dragon appeared upon the wall drawn lovingly by the decade old Artist Kinder.

Years passed and one day, like Little Jackie Paper leaving Puff the Magic Dragon, the No Longer Little Artist

grew up and left the Faire and travelled to the far off land of Florida to learn more about the ancient arts from the teachers of the Ringling College of Art and Design. Now, many years later, the artist was no longer the Little Artist but is now known by the name of Liv Hathaway and is still in love with drawing dragons.

Liv Hathaway is the artist who drew our beautiful logo.

We are honored to have a piece of Liv's work as our logo and we are delighted with the skill of Liv's creation.

Soon I will write about the meaning of the logo but today I want to give honor to the artist who created it. They are a treasured friend of ours from a long ago place and they have continued to be a treasured friend (or really more like family) to this very day.

PS The Little Dragon drawing remains to this very day. The Little Dragon is now visited every year by Karma, one of the owners of Feronia Botanicals...and is no longer lonely.

#history #aboutus #logo

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