A little bit about us

Feronia Botanicals was started by my two daughters and me.

As parents, my husband and I read many books to our daughter's Amanda and Karma when they were children. The youngest sister Karma has been interested in stories of deeper meaning since she was a very little girl. As she became older she became very interested in mythological stories. Because of that interest, I named the company after the Ancient Roman goddess, Feronia. She was, among other things, the goddess associated with health and abundance and the untamed places of wild nature.

This was a perfect name for a business founded on using the powers of organic and wild crafted plants which are then carefully distilled into essential oils. The oils we use are never diluted, altered, or synthetically modified.

These oils are then lovingly crafted by me,into products to support a healthy life style. Since a number of people in the household have different allergies, I began making products that excluded those problematic substances. Amanda has also curated the store to include products that she has found particularly helpful in her quest to relieve the life's pains of a rare disease .

I hope you will follow us as we begin our journey to offer some of the creams, lotions and other products our family uses to enhance our lives. We hope to be able to help you and others in the search for a healthier life using natural products.

Let us know if you also have a substance to be avoided in your product. We will be happy to formulate a small batch that will exclude it.

Amanda, Karma and Barbara

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